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Johannisholm Adventure

at Johannisholms Stugby

Dalarna Sweden

New Summer Showcase Video!


zondag 20 september 2020

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Summer Activities for Children

5-11 Year olds


Pirate Adventure:

During this activity we will become real pirates, together we will make pirate flags, search for clues containing a treasure map, sail to the pirates island and find the lost treasure,






Viking Adventure: 

You go with Freya or Hagar the viking to make a shield and learn the Viking language. We use the viking language to find our way to a place where we can plunder and find the viking treasure, we then go in a viking boat.




Expedition Johannisholm:

Children with the help of a GPS search for equipment that is needed for making a fire. At every coordinate there will be a question once answered correctly they get the items needed to make a fire. If they answer all the question correctly they will then make a fire and  marshmallows will be toasted



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