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Johannisholm Adventure

at Johannisholms Stugby

Dalarna Sweden

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zaterdag 6 juni 2020

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Summer Activities for Children

5-11 Year olds


Pirate Adventure:

During this activity we will become real pirates, together we will make pirate flags, search for clues containing a treasure map, sail to the pirates island and find the lost treasure,



Pippi Longstocking:

Pippi Longstocking has lost her things, she doesn´t know where her treasure is and where she lives. Together with Pippi you will go in search of her treasure and the Pippi house. But watch out for the thieves because they are also looking for Pippis treasure!



Viking Adventure: 

You go with Freya or Hagar the viking to make a shield and learn the Viking language. We use the viking language to find our way to a place where we can plunder and find the viking treasure, we then go in a viking boat.




Expedition Johannisholm:

Children with the help of a GPS search for equipment that is needed for making a fire. At every coordinate there will be a question once answered correctly they get the items needed to make a fire. If they answer all the question correctly they will then make a fire and  marshmallows will be toasted



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