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torsdag 22 oktober 2020

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Extended Summer Activities

Multi outdoor day:

This is a multi step adventurous day of experience. You're doing different commands, You start with building a raft, you do various missions in and around the forests, good for team building. You move through the forest with your GPS. The total journey is about 5 kilometers long but with the activities at the command points it will take between 4 - 6 hours.

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2 Day trekking Siljansfors - Mora (33km): 

This 2 day trekking is a tough hike with rucksack, throught the vast forest of Darlana. The track is part of the Siljansleden (370 km) and the Vasalopsleden (90 km). The track is only 33 km long but the differences in height and the fact that the track is mainly forest and swamp will give you a sence of adventure. We will experience beautiful views and a big chance of seeing a real moose or different wild life. During this trip we will spend the night in a simple hut or Slogbod (hunting shelter) with a fireplace where we will prepare our meals and roast marshmallows afterwards. The following morning we will prepare our breakfast on the fire, clean up our meaa and get ready for the second part of our trip. This trip is a guided trip and is including transfers and meals. There is alos a possiblity of renting missing materials such as rucksack, sleeping bag, bivouac bag Etc. This trip is one to remember and meant for those adventurous participants who would like to explore the surroundings of Johannisholm in a different way. 

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We have a 2 day canoe trip and a 3 day canoe trip, these can be guided or you can choose to do them on your own. Additional equipment can be hired if they are required.

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